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January 1, 2010


Or, as they say in Paris: Bonne Année! 

The first day of 2010 started out the same as the 2009.  In fact, maybe slightly worse–slightly hungover, I worked on this blog most of the day (damn you, WordPress!  You are not friendly to beginners!) and didn’t shower until 6:00 PM so we could go out.  But more on that in the next post.  (More on my evening, that is, not the non-showering.)

As mentioned in the previous post, here’s what I would like to do this year, in no particular order.

Me cooking at Lars and Helle's place in Copenhagen, October

Me cooking at Lars and Helle's place in Copenhagen


  1. Go to a cooking class in each city (not each country, each city) I visit.  Including Cincinnati.
  2. Try a new recipe on my own once per week, preferably one that reflects the local cuisine.♦
  3. Have a meal with someone new each month.  Preferably a meal I cooked myself.
  4. Use unprocessed, seasonal, “whole” foods in my cooking whenever time permits, avoiding canned and frozen foods.
  5. Throw FOUR dinner parties this year.  One every three months seems completely do-able.  
  6. Start hinting for dinner invites whenever possible, for pure nosiness if nothing else. 


    Our first breakfast at Riad Shaden in Marrakech.

    Our first breakfast at Riad Shaden in Marrakech.

  7. No JEANS in 2010!!  Sounds silly but they are the core of my too-casual, not-so-sexy wardrobe.  Not saying jeans can’t be sexy, but not the way I wear them. In fact, no pants at all unless it’s very cold out and I will be outside for an extended period of time, which is a rarity.  Skirts and dresses only, with appropriate footwear and hosiery.  Leggings are allowed since technically they are not pants but only under a dress or skirt for maximum bum- and camel-toe coverage.  Trying to keep it classy!  :)
  8. Wear makeup–mascara and lip gloss, at least–whenever I leave the house.
  9. Find people who can help me pick out clothing and steer me away from Old Navy.
  10. Spend more time around positive, beautiful people.   For the same reason I want to spend time with foodies–osmosis, baby.            

    At the Eiffel Tower!

    At the Eiffel Tower!

  11. Get more exercise, spend more time outside.  Wander around, ride a bike, etc.
  12. Starting after we leave Paris: Take dance classes in every country we visit.  Not necessarily every city but we’ll see.  Few things make me feel sexier than dancing.  I’ve already tried salsa, merengue, bacchata, waltz, belly-dancing, pole dancing, hula…  and I need to go out dancing more.    
  13. Go ice- and roller-skating whenever possible.  Just for gleefulness and exercise.
  14. Learn French… It’s the easiest way to make friends with French people, which I desperately wish to do, if for no other reason than the dinner invitations (see number 6).
  15. Write in this blog at least once a week to report my progress.

I reserve the right to change my goals as necessary, but I’d like to stick to 15 of them.  

I’m kind of new to blogging but I would like to “tag” each post from now on with the number of the goal that is being addressed, if any.  That way, I can see which ones are being focused upon too much or being neglected.  I think.

#2: Try a new recipe on my own once per week:
If we spend a week in a hotel room that doesn’t have a kitchen, then it may not be possible to try a new recipe that week and I will just make up for lost time when we get to a place that does have a kitchen.

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