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Just So You Know I’m Not in a Ditch Somewhere…

March 29, 2010

The title of this is something I say to my Ma when I call after not having spoken to her for a while.  How did “Alecia ending up in a ditch” become her worst-case scenario?  Anyway, I figured that since I haven’t stuck to my normal writing schedule–if there is such a thing–the above reassurance would apply here as well.

I didn’t write because… I didn’t have a hell of a lot to say.

Clearly, no one entered last week’s contest.  Hmph!

I haven’t done the Recipe of the Week for two weeks.  For St. Patrick’s Day–even though I never really bothered to celebrate it before–I considered making some silly cabbage-and-potato monstrosity.  Andrew, however, decided to blow off work for a day and drive me to the beach…

Later, we did go out for drinks in honor of St. Paddy’s–at a Mexican place in the Gaslamp Quarter.  Hey, they had green balloons!

The following Saturday, I applied for a job with the US Census.  The pay’s good, but ugggghhhh.  (I missed the Little Italy Farmer’s market for this?)  The Census makes every applicant take a test, which I passed with flying colors.  But have they called me?  Nope.

But if I really have to get a job (which I do), I’d rather be a flight attendant.  In 2007, I was a FA for Mesa Airlines, and it was one of the best experiences of my life, probably the only job in which I looked forward to going to work every day.  However, I had to quit after three months because I ran out of money after stupidly transferring to Maui, and because my then-boyfriend was being kind of a jerk about the whole thing.  (He was kind of a jerk about a lot of things but that’s another story.)

Though Andy is the furthest thing from a jerk, I wasn’t sure if he’d be supportive of my return to the friendly skies.  Once we became a live-in couple, I didn’t pursue any of the job openings I’d read about.  But seeing as how we’ve been together almost 24/7 since October, my being away 3-4 days a week might actually be a good thing.  :)

Andy agrees, apparently–he sent me to Daytona Beach (no, I don’t have pictures) this past Wednesday to attend an open house–I don’t want to say which airline yet but it’s a small regional carrier.   I did well!  Now I’m in a “hiring pool,” which means they will call me whenever they damn well please and invite me to a training class on the east coast.  Will someone just give me a job already? Haha!  Another airline is having an open house on April 13 and I’d really like to go to that as well just in case, but we’ll see…

On Saturday morning, I met up with comedian Leo Flowers, who showed me how to make some lovely raw vegan foods, and I will write about my newest guest star in my next post.

Not in a ditch, but perhaps in a slight cooking rut.  Oh, and we’re having dinner guests over tomorrow.

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