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McDonalds’ McRib, I’ve Figured Out How to Quit You.

November 12, 2010

During my meat-eating days, I never really cared for McDonald’s food… except for certain special times of year when they sold the McRib.  Oh, I cannot count the ways in which the McRib gave me such orgasmic mystery-meat joy.  Just what exactly is that mechanically-formed patty, all covered in sticky sauce, made of?  The world will never, never know.  In terms of fast-food rotations, McRib Season was the most wonderful time of my year.  Sigh.

You may think that I’ve had to give all that up, since I stopped eating meat.  But nope–I can still have all the sensual pleasure of the McRib without eating any animals.  And ridiculously easily, too.

Because did I mention that my cholesterol is low as fuck and I’d like to keep it that way?  :)  Sorry, that was gratuitous bragging.

Anyway.  The vegan version of the McRib starts out the same way as the original:  with a mysterious, chemical-filled (yet delicious) patty.  I used Morningstar Farms’ Hickory BBQ Riblets.  I think GardenBurger’s Meatless Ribs are slightly better, but they weren’t available.

Following the package directions, I removed the patties from the plastic, wrapped them tightly in foil, and baked them for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, I prepared a salad with some lovely organic rainbow chard, toasted walnuts, and dried cranberries.  Let’s see McDonald’s serve THAT!  Probably should have boiled the chard because the leaves were a bit tough, but losing the gorgeous colors of the stems would have made me cry.

Sorry my bad photography doesn’t do this beautiful salad justice.   :(

After I got the salad and the toppings for the sandwiches ready, I toasted the bread in the oven.  The rolls I got from Whole Foods were sprinkled with cornmeal just like the McRib bun, but were much crustier and healthier.

Though the patties come with plenty of sauce, I added more for photographic purposes  (see below).  The brand I used doesn’t really matter…For your purposes, in order to compliment the sauce that’s included with the riblets, you should use whatever sauce has the most sugar and hickory smoke flavoring.  Seriously, that stuff is more like BBQ-flavored syrup than sauce.

Bun, patty, pickles, onions…I assembled my sammich.

And fell in love.


Happy (fake) McRib Season!

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  1. November 14, 2010 5:43 pm

    I was just talking to my husband today about how much I used to love the McRib and how great it woud be to make a vegan version with morningstar riblets. Looking good!

    • November 15, 2010 12:02 pm

      Thanks Tamara! If those dang McRib commercials on TV get to be too much for you, you have to try this version. :)

  2. November 15, 2010 5:58 pm

    I’m not a Mickey D’s fan either. If/when I go I order a fruit and walnut salad or a yogurt parfait. I used to love the McRibs when I was little. Of course they are back when I’m off fast food for 100 days, dammit.

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