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Where I Will Go.

June 9, 2011

(Broke my camera and I haven’t done anything lately that was photo-worthy enough to borrow Andy’s camera so I think this may be the first blog post I’ve done without pictures!  Oh dear!)

A few days ago I wrote a post explaining why I haven’t blogged in a long time.  I took it down because I was feeling very negative toward myself when I wrote it, which is not the way I wish to be.  I didn’t want that attitude floating around in cyberspace.  Yes, I have personal struggles with maintaining focus and truly identifying and following my passion(s), but I’m getting better as time goes on.  I started this blog to chronicle the search for whatever it is I’m looking for, so that is what I need to continue doing.

Anyway, just to get you up to speed…

  • I have left my job as a flight attendant.  After my health scare last year, Andy and I had to leave Denver due to the high altitude.  A friend of his let us rent her condo in Las Vegas very cheaply, so that’s where we live now.  But, since my airline doesn’t have a base in Las Vegas, I commuted to/from Denver, then Chicago so that I could work.  Commuting sucks!!  Naturally, this took a toll on my relationship with Andy and my own well-being, and I decided that the job just wasn’t worth it.  If it were something I wanted to do forever (or at least a few more years) then I would have moved Chicago or another base, Houston, to avoid commuting, but it wasn’t.
  • Ironically, now that I’m not tied down by the crazy schedule of a flight attendant, I can travel more.  Andy and I are planning a trip to Berlin!  Don’t know when or for how long, exactly… we would like to stay for a few months, but that all depends on who he ends up working for.  He’s a consultant so he works from home and could, in theory, work anywhere in the world but on Monday he just interviewed with a company that wants him to stay in the US for a year.  Booo!  Anyway, we’ll see…
  • Since we’re going to Berlin, my “job” is to learn German!  Inspired by Benny the Irish Polyglot from Fluent in Three Months, I’ve been focusing a lot on my studies and think I’m doing quite well so far.  This morning I was counting in German in the shower… I got to around 65 and gave myself a slight headache from thinking so hard, but whatever.  What I need to do, though, is actually speak to people in German!  There’s a German bakery nearby that I plan to visit regularly, but since I’m trying to lose weight I don’t think I should go more than once a week.  :)  Besides, it’s not really a place I where I could hang out and be able to do much more than exchange pleasantries:  Hi, how are you?  I’m good, thank you, and you?  Womp womp womp.  I need to have real conversations with people if I’m ever going to become fluent.  So… are you fluent in German?  Email me at aleciabangbang [at] and we can chat on Skype, if you’d like.  Guten Tag!
  • I’m writing an e-book.  Everyone has one nowadays, don’t they?  ;)  Mine will be a very short guide aimed toward vegans who travel frequently for business, who would like to pack their own food to take with them.  Coming soon…  In the meantime, check out this blog post about vegan travel.

I’ve decided to make some changes to the blog.  Again.  (Why do I feel as though I spend more time writing about what this blog will be about than anything else?  Hmmm)

I will no longer be sharing recipes (unless I find something I’m super-excited about).  I still love to cook, but would rather leave kitchen experimentation to the zillion other foodies out there, many of whom do a far better job than I did.  If I come across a cookbook or a restaurant that I enjoy, I’ll share my recommendation.  If I have a thought/rant about something related to veganism/restaurants/other food-related stuff, you’ll find it here.  (By the way, if you have a lot of cookbooks, have you tried Eat Your Books?  It allows you to do a search through your cookbook library to find the perfect recipe.  Faboo!)

The blog will be more focused on my goals (see my newly-edited Happiness List) and my progress toward reaching them.  That’s the direction I’d been trying to take for a while but I was too wishy-washy.  Some of my goals are silly and light-hearted, and some are things that will really help me with my career.

The goals I’m focusing on right now are:

  1. Becoming fluent in German (#6), as I mentioned above.
  2. Becoming a restaurant consultant (#33).  Answering questions and giving advice to my friends about “vegan stuff” has been something I’ve enjoyed for almost five years.  Whenever I walk into a restaurant, I’m always bursting with ideas about how they can become more attractive to vegans and vegetarians.  (Remember this post?  It’s still my most popular one by far.)  Surely there’s some restaurant owner out there who’s willing to listen to my advice and the knowledge I’ve gained after eating at hundreds of restaurants around the country, and the world.  Right?
  3. Hosting a cooking or food-related show on YouTube (#67).  This one is the scariest!  What would I do/make?  How will I format it?  What will I wear?  I’d like to do a series of shows but for now just one will make me happy.

I’ve been reading Rosetta Thurman’s wonderful career-coaching blog, Happy Black Woman, and her latest post discusses having someone in your life you are accountable to, to keep you on track.  I don’t have a person to speak with regularly and can’t afford to hire a coach (I’m unemployed now!) so this blog is where I will go.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back to blogging again!  Thank you very much for reading.

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  1. June 12, 2011 2:18 pm

    So glad to see you back. I actually started following your tweets because I was having Bang-Bang Blog withdrawal. :)

    • June 12, 2011 3:38 pm

      Aww, Angel!! Thank you very much. Yeah Twitter was my only source of output for a while, lol! Sometimes I would say things on Twitter that I couldn’t say on Facebook because I didn’t want my friends to see, shhh… Anyway, I’m very glad to be back. :) Your words made me smile!

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